The speech of the head of the school

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful,and Peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Mohammed

I have the honor to address the staff of the ENS of Bechar, teachers, students and workers on the occasion of the launch of the school site onthe internet, which will allow the school to be recognized. This site will also provide teachers, researchers and students with the necessary means to access information and knowledge related to their pedagogical and scientific fields. The school’s website will contribute to the growing awareness of the great responsibility of the normal high school for the training of national education teachers,that the educational sector with all its structures is the locomotive of the development of any society. It is also the basic motive for the preparation of men capable of assuming responsibility for the advancement of the nation to compete loyally with the great nations.

May God help all of us for the good of both people and the country.

The head of the Normal HigherSchool of Bechar

Dr. Ferradj Tayeb